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Prove Me, O LORD!

Sitting in my daughter’s apartment in Los Angeles and feeling full after an extended time of reading the Word and chewing on God’s goodness. This afternoon I read of God’s mighty hand of deliverance from Egyptian slavery and of His … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Hate

I once heard it said that the opposite of love isn’t necessarily hate as much as it is indifference or apathy. The argument being along the lines that if a father saw their child in imminent danger and, though not … Continue reading

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Rebuke is Just Fuel for the Fire

It’s a reminder of the role heat can play in promoting purity. Leave precious metals at room temperature and they can look pretty precious. But apply the right amount of heat and the dross becomes evident. A scum forms on … Continue reading

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What’s He Thinking?

If I’m picking up what David is laying down this morning, then God sees me. Not just in some macro sense, as in, if God sees everything and knows everything then of course He sees me. Rather, it seems that … Continue reading

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