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A Generous Heart

Can’t remember the last time, if there was a last time, that I was chewing on my morning readings on a Sunday morning. The snow and subsequent deep freeze here forced the decision to cancel Sunday services. Weird. Anyway, finished … Continue reading

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First to the Lord

Is seems that, by any measure, the churches in the province of Macedonia weren’t particularly well off churches. In fact, for most they would have been known for the affliction they endured and the poverty they dealt with. Their trials … Continue reading

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A Willing Heart

I’m a sucker for happy endings. Maybe that’s why I get all squishy inside as I read the final chapters of Exodus. I know, I know . . . the end of the book isn’t the end of the journey. … Continue reading

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Mighty Mammon vs. Almighty God

It’s one of those foundational pieces of counsel that, by God’s grace, has stuck with me over the years. Long ago I was offered a bit of sage advice: Beware, our possessions have a way of possessing us. We may … Continue reading

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A Good Problem To Have

I’m going to say that, 9.5 times out of 10, when someone hears “Exodus” and “the people going to Moses” together, they’re thinking, “whining again!” That’s kind of the modus operandi we expect from this group of wilderness wanderers. Sure … Continue reading

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A Source of Rejoicing

In a couple of hours Sue and I head out for a week long couples retreat. Don’t know how consistent I will be able to be with posting this week . . . I’ll try . . . but we’ll … Continue reading

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