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The Fear

Brings to mind my Sesame Street days. Well, not my Sesame Street days — I kind of predate Bert and Ernie as my TV teachers of the ABC’s, my era was more Miss Margaret and Romper Room. But my kids … Continue reading

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It Really Isn’t About Us

Reading again in Ezekiel this morning and chewing on a conundrum God shares with His prophet. To not deal with His people’s idolatry and rebellion was to allow them to continue to defile the land of promise, the land of … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace . . . Not Arbitrary Grace

Monday’s are my Sabbath. They are my down day. No alarm, rarely a schedule. My day to recoup, renew, and “rejoice in the wife of my youth” (Prov. 5:18). Thus, on most Mondays, while I will read, I usually won’t … Continue reading

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