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Good News. Good Works.

Paul left Titus in Crete so that Titus “might put what remained into order” (Tit. 1:5a). Paul had proclaimed the gospel in town after town. And in every place where people believed, the lost sheep who were found came together … Continue reading

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A Gospel Paradox

Peter wrote to stir up his readers (2:13). He wanted to arouse their thinking, to wake them up from any spiritual slumber. And so he comes out of the gate with, what seems to me, is a bit of a … Continue reading

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A Confession of the Gospel

That it was a big deal for Paul is evident by the amount of “real estate” it occupies in his letter. That it should be a big deal for me is evident in that it was God-breathed. The Spirit of … Continue reading

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The Treasure of the Kingdom

Thinking about treasure this morning. Not just about acquiring it, but also what we’re to do with it. But the treasure I’m considering this morning is not gold or silver, but something far more valuable and longer lasting. And far … Continue reading

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