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What the Lord Has Separated Let No One Join Together

Working my way through a catalog of commandments in Leviticus this morning (Lev. 18-20). Most make sense to this 21st century mind, others not so much. But what is clear is that the reason for the LORD laying out all … Continue reading

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An “Either / Or” Matter of the Heart

For Jesus it was a black and white question. There was no grey area. No middle ground on this one. It was “either / or.” Either from heaven or from man. Jesus said to them, “I will ask you one … Continue reading

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Dwelling Alone

Continuing my reading in Numbers and, this morning, spent some time reconsidering the goofy drama played out between Balak, king of Moab, and Balaam, prophet for hire (Numbers 22 -25). Balak sees the Israeli horde nearing his land. Fearing he’d … Continue reading

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