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A Whole Lot of Testifying Going On

Testimony. A solemn declaration of what is true or actual. Testify. To bear witness. To give evidence or proof of something existing or being the case. Hovering over 1John 5:6-12 this morning. And there’s a whole lot of testifying going … Continue reading

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Radical but Logical

His ask is so radical, but Paul’s reasoning is so logical. Hovering over a few verses in 1Corinthians 6 this morning and thinking about the church. Situation: when one brother has a grievance against another. A dispute needing to be … Continue reading

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Every Good Thing In Us

It was a big ask. Paul knew it was a big ask. A slave owner had no obligation to go easy on an AWOL slave. And a slave who had deserted his master had no expectation that returning to his … Continue reading

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They March to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Reading in Esther this morning. Typically, while enjoying the story and marveling afresh at God’s “behind the scenes” presence, I’m not marking the pages very much. Not much on my list of “watch for’s” showing up on the pages of … Continue reading

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