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Submitting to God’s Permissive Will

If I’m honest with myself, I’m prone to “kick against the goads” (Acts 26:14). Not like Paul who persecuted followers of the risen Christ despite all the evidence he was aware of which testified of a risen Christ. Instead, I … Continue reading

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No Choice in the Matter

Yesterday I confessed I’m struggling with patience. This morning it’s before me that I’m struggling also with silence, as in the need to be so. Yesterday the story concerned a promised son, this morning it’s about his promised bride. Genesis … Continue reading

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The Risk of Submitting

Chew on it a bit, and you realize what a huge ask Peter was making. Just as were all the believers Peter was writing to, these ladies, by the very nature of their confession of faith and determination to follow … Continue reading

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Better Because of Community

Been on the road this week . . . drove down to LA, then San Diego and have been hanging out with my girls and their families . . . and sleeping really well at night, thanx to the grandsons. … Continue reading

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Re-worked / re-posting some thoughts from 2008 on one of my favorite verses in Scripture . . . ————————- So, I read Job 37 this morning, the last words of counsel from Elihu. And as I finished up I thought … Continue reading

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Giving God the “Write Away!”

Paul found himself having to defend his credentials and his ministry in 1Corinthians 3. In so doing, he pointed to the same thing as both the evidence of God’s calling on His life and as the validation of the message … Continue reading

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