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To say I’m “chewing” on Isaiah 53 this morning would be to imply that it’s bite sized. Far from it. Isaiah 53 is a full meal deal, enough within it to process for an eternity. Not because it’s appetizing, not … Continue reading

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So Not Intuitive (A 2012 Rerun)

This morning I’m chewing on what I didn’t chew on. A bit in wonder at what I failed to pause in awe over. Thankful that I went back randomly to see what I was thinking on this day in my … Continue reading

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Two Prophetic Words

Two prophetic words rattling around in my head this morning. The first the dying words of a patriarch, the second the desperate words of a king. The first enveloped with an anticipation of glory, the second enduring the agony of … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters

To be honest, I’d love to think that in some way–if even just a small, small, way–I deserve the designation. To think that somehow I’ve done my part to merit the honor. To think that, at least to some degree, … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Today

I’m chewing on the fact that they did not understand. That the disciples didn’t get it. That to the followers of Jesus it made no sense. It just didn’t add up. And, as I mull over it, it shouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Fruitful In The Land Of My Affliction

Not gonna lie (not that I would) . . . but more often than not, I wanna be Joseph. I get to the part of the story in Genesis about Jacob’s favorite son, and I wanna see myself in him. … Continue reading

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A Shudder in Heaven

As I read it this morning, I imagined a shudder in heaven as the Father breathed it, the Holy Spirit moved David to write it, and the Son anticipated it. My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me? Why … Continue reading

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Sufferings and Subsequent Glories

Imagine the OT prophet’s life. You are the proverbial fish swimming against the flow. You are the one thing that doesn’t look like the others. You are the voice that contradicts the popular majority’s voice. And you speak of things … Continue reading

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Kingship Belongs to the LORD

O’ the wonder of the Twenty-Second Psalm. That it is Jesus’ song is evident from the very first line, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?” The opening lyric of the song is that “sung” by the Lamb … Continue reading

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