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To Bear Fruit

Jesus interpreted the news for them. That incident where Pilate decided to shed the blood of those not so innocent Galileans who had come to shed the blood of their innocent sacrifices in Jerusalem? Don’t think it was God’s divine … Continue reading

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For the Common Good

Who wouldn’t agree? The human body is amazing. Just take a moment to think about how everything is wired together and operates together and it doesn’t take long for the awe-o-meter to start to rise. Over the last year I’ve … Continue reading

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Not Meant to Walk Alone

Chewing on the first part of Ephesians 4 this morning, verses 1 through 16. And what hits me is that what I have so often read as something directed toward me, is actually, I think, more directed toward we. I … Continue reading

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A Team Sport

The goal is lofty. The way to get there though, is within our grasp. Paul writes to the Colossians in order to correct the error which was creeping into their midst and destabilizing their faith. He had already been praying … Continue reading

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True Companion

At best, he’s a bit player. A walk-on in a stage production. A cameo appearance in a movie. Doesn’t have a speaking part. Name’s not even listed in the credits. You barely notice him. He’s a no name. But this … Continue reading

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I’m reading 1Corinthians 12 and realize it’s an object lesson. Paul is taking something that everyone is familiar with and trying to make a point about something they still have much to learn about. At issue is their ignorance around … Continue reading

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Let Us Use Them

It’s kind of been like Christmas at our fellowship for the past several months. We have, over the past couple of years, raised the profile of the importance of membership in a local body of believers. We’ve taught on the … Continue reading

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