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Return and Rest

Hovering over Isaiah 30. While there’s much about Isaiah that disorients me as I try to map his prophecies to a historical timeline, there are gems encountered frequently along the way. Truths about the Holy One of Israel, promises concerning … Continue reading

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Times of Difficulty

Sometimes we can get more focused on the symptoms rather than the sickness. Distracted by what presents almost to the exclusion of what produces. Failing to connect the dots between things which are indicators and the root cause of what … Continue reading

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A Head Scratcher

Hovering this morning over 1Kings 12, the account of how the kingdom of Israel is divided. And you don’t have to chew on the details very long before the whole thing becomes a bit of a head-scratcher. That Solomon defaulted … Continue reading

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Widows and Lepers and Gentiles, Oh My!

Though with their lips they were saying, “Amen! Preach it brother!” Jesus knew what was going on in their hearts. Though they all spoke well of Him, Nazareth’s most famous son knew what they were all really thinking. Reading in … Continue reading

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A Heart Problem

He answered their question with a question. Not to avoid responding to them. But to point out that they, in fact, where asking the wrong question. That, in reality, it was less about His disciples’ scandalous actions and way more … Continue reading

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