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Just Say It (A 2017 Rerun)

Finished my readings this morning, found myself hovering over Psalm 116. Particularly, the part about “rendering to the Lord” the embracing of “the cup of salvation” as a way to respond to “all his benefits to me” (Ps. 116:12). Because … Continue reading

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She Loved Much

She was a woman of repute. Of ill repute. A woman “of the city” and evidently a woman known (in the biblical sense) by many in the city. That she crashed the dinner party at the Pharisee’s house was shocking. … Continue reading

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Cause or Effect? Yes!

The love of God . . . that’s what I’m noodling on this morning. Continuing my reading in John 16 as Jesus prepares His disciples for the worst night of their lives and the best day to follow. And in … Continue reading

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