Prove Me, O LORD!

Sitting in my daughter’s apartment in Los Angeles and feeling full after an extended time of reading the Word and chewing on God’s goodness. This afternoon I read of God’s mighty hand of deliverance from Egyptian slavery and of His amazing provision for His people through the Passover Lamb. Then was reminded that the Lord of the Sabbath was also the prophesied Servant of Isaiah. That He who rules over all things in might and majesty, humbled Himself in order to be gentle toward us–careful not to break the bruised reed nor quench the smoldering wick. And then in Acts, reminded that for those who listen to His word, who search His word, who desire to know if “these things were so,” He reveals Himself as Christ and Savior.

But what grabbed me in particular were a couple of verses I consumed, as I did a double portion this afternoon in the Psalms, which seemed to put a bow on some recent struggles I’ve been having.

Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind. For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in Your faithfulness.

(Psalm 26:2-3 ESV)

I know these verses hit home because they been my portion over the last several weeks. A decision to be made which, really, was a non-decision. The way of obedience clear from the beginning. However, though my will was bowed to His, my heart and my mind had some catching up to do. While I knew what was the right action, God wanted the right attitude, too.

So He proved me. His Spirit graciously shining a spotlight on my heart. The Counselor engaging my mind. The Helper helping to show me that better than cold obedience is the the obedience fueled by the fire of His steadfast love.

The obedience that’s willing to venture out into the journey though we may be going without knowing. Willing to do so, not because of our capability, not because we have it all figured out, not because we’re pretty sure we know how it’s gonna turn out, but willing to do so because, by faith, we delight in walking in His faithfulness.

Don’t know if the right word is submission, but in the last couple of days, through clarity of insight as to my heart and my mind, the Spirit brought me to a point of submission. A point where doing the right thing was going to be done for the right reasons. Not grudgingly, but gladly. Not for my benefit, but for His glory.

And the songwriter’s song this afternoon but a bow on it. Because God’s love is steadfast. I can count on it. And He wants it to flow through me.

And because He is faithful. The works He begins, He finishes. The ask He makes, comes with the enabling. Our willingness to walk in His ways possible because of His presence, His provision, and His power.

Won’t be the last time this heart of mine needs to tested. Nor the last time this over-active mind will need to be tried. But if, in the proving of this work in progress, there are continued baby steps towards being fashioned into the likeness of His blessed Son, then I will sing with the psalmist:

Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind.

By Your grace, LORD! For Your glory!

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