A Tangible Lifeline

This morning, I’m hovering over the nineteenth of twenty-two stanzas of the Scripture’s greatest love song, Psalm 119.

The songwriter needed the LORD to save him (v. 146a). Don’t know who he needed to be saved from, but “they” were drawing near to persecute him “with evil purpose” (v.150a). Situation desperate. Commence prayer (v.145a). And where did the songwriter go in the meantime? As he waited for his deliverance, where would he find his solace?

I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in Your words. My eyes are awake before the watches of the night, that I may meditate on Your promise.

(Psalm 119:147-148 ESV)

I hope in Your words. I meditate on Your promise.

I don’t know that the child of God has a more tangible lifeline than the word of God. Regardless of the season to be endured, whatever the wisdom needed, however much waiting needs to be done, the word is the way of hope.

It reminds us of who God is. He is steadfast love, He is justice, He is the giver and sustainer of life (v.149). He is forever (v.152).

It reminds us of where God is. He is near (v.151).

It reminds us of what God desires, what God has declared, what God has directed, and what God has determined as outcomes. His statutes (v.145), His testimonies (v.146), His commandments (v. 151), and His promises (v. 148) serving to allow the songwriter to know something of the incomprehensible Creator and His “higher ways” (Isa. 55:9). His words (v.147) giving substance to the One who is spirit.

So, the songwriter is awake before dawn and seeks to communicate with God. As Spurgeon puts it, “Before the watchman cried the hour, he was crying to God.” God would hear his voice.

But how would he hear God’s voice? By meditating and chewing on God’s precious, “living and active” word (Heb. 4:12). A tangible lifeline connecting heaven and earth.

What supernatural resources we ignore when we fail to open our bibles. What divine comfort we miss if we are not hovering over His word. What sure hope we fail to grasp if we do not meditate on His promises and are not reminded of His power.

Great peace have those who love Your law, And nothing causes them to stumble.

(Psalm 119:165 ESV)

A tangible lifeline.

Through His word. By His grace. For His glory.

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