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A Tangible Lifeline

This morning, I’m hovering over the nineteenth of twenty-two stanzas of the Scripture’s greatest love song, Psalm 119. The songwriter needed the LORD to save him (v. 146a). Don’t know who he needed to be saved from, but “they” were … Continue reading

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Stop! (Elihu, Part 2)

Okay, I am liking this kid more and more as he gets wound up and gets more comfortable with giving Job & Co. a piece of his mind . . . and a vision of God. Yesterday, I pondered Elihu’s … Continue reading

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Common Consideration

I think you could say that Psalm 104 deals with the theme of what’s referred to in theological terms as “common grace.” That provision of God available to all mankind. Divine realities whose benefits are experienced by everyone, regardless of … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when the going gets tough, it’s tough to get going. Pressure mounts and paralysis sets in. What began with enthusiasm, becomes a constant source of exhaustion. The prize once set before you, now seems beyond your grasp and you … Continue reading

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An Expanded Sphere of Study

If you were to ask me how the concept of studying plays into the Christian experience, I’d respond immediately, “We need to study the word of God.” When I think of the “brain” component of my salvation, I go to … Continue reading

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