Active Waiting

It wasn’t the wilderness just because it was physically the wilderness. No, beyond the barrenness around him was the abiding sense of a desert within him. His world had been turned upside down as he was forced to flee his kingdom. And while he was confident that he would again rejoice in God (Ps. 63:11), what’s caught my attention this morning is David’s approach to waiting on God while in the wilderness.

I eagerly seek You . . . I thirst for You . . . my body faints for You . . .
I gaze on You . . .
My lips will glorify You . . . I will bless You . . . my mouth will praise You . . .
I think of You . . . I meditate on You . . .
I follow close to You . . .

(Psalm 63:1-8 CSB)

Far from passively waiting for God to work out whatever God was going to work out, David pursues God in his waiting.

The loss of equilibrium brings about an intense desire to plant his feet firmly again on his Rock. And so, earnestly, diligently, David looks to connect with God. Thirsting for living water sourced from heavenly places. Fainting for manna sufficient for the day’s need. Rather than longing for Jerusalem, David sets his face afresh upon Jehovah.

With his mind’s eye, he sees again the strength and glory of God which had been revealed during those many times he worshiped God in the sanctuary (v.2). Thus, he refuses to let circumstance curtail the sacrifice of the fruit of his lips, glorying, blessing, and praising God “because Your faithful love is better than life” (v.4).

When he lies alone in his wilderness bed, he thinks of his heavenly Father. When he can’t sleep at night, he meditates on the One who has always been his helper — reminding himself that even in the wilderness there is still rest in “the shadow of Your wings” (v.6-7).

And so, even though he wanders in the wilderness, David follows close to God. Clinging to God, because he knows God’s right hand is holding on to him (v.8).

Active waiting. That’s what David did in the wilderness.

By God’s grace. For God’s glory.

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