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Listen to Me

Was awake earlier than I had hoped this morning. So, did a “double portion” of my reading plan. And reading Psalm 80 and Psalm 81 back-to-back provided context for a conversation between God and His people that I would have … Continue reading

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Gen S

I’m a baby boomer. That’s how my generation is referred to by those who talk of the characteristics of people born during certain time periods. And that’s all I had to do to be a baby boomer . . . … Continue reading

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I Shall Not Be Shaken

Last night, as our small group met to discuss that morning’s sermon and dig deeper into the topics of suffering and God’s comfort, we talked about how living life within a greater context helps in persevering amidst trials. Remembering what … Continue reading

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A Seated Savior

“Don’t make me get up!” Kind of remember hearing that once or twice (ok, . . . maybe more often than that) when I was a kid. It was a warning. Often the last warning. If my dad had to … Continue reading

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What To Do When You Don’t Know Quite What To Do

No voices. No visitations. But hey, there’s still a couple of days left. While I didn’t have a lot of goals for my vacation, I was hoping to get a little clarity. On what? Not even clear on that. But … Continue reading

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It’s Not Me . . . It’s You!

There was a drift happening. Once they had been very tight, now, not so much. Once they had fully trusted in his authority, his words, and his motives. Now they weren’t so sure. The bro-mance (as in brothers and sisters … Continue reading

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A Homing Instinct

Paul stands in the midst of the Areopagus and addresses the philosophers and “religious” men of Athens (Acts 17:16-34). His eye had taken in the objects of their worship . . . and his spirit was exasperated at the folly … Continue reading

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