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Nevertheless, By God’s Will

Paul had a lot to say as he wrote to the church in Rome, but there was a lot more he wanted to experience when he visited with them. Both at the beginning and at the end of his letter … Continue reading

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Hovering over Jeremiah 31 this morning. Big idea? “There is hope for your future” (Jer. 31:17a). A disciplined people would eventually find grace in the wilderness (31:2). The God who called them on their sin, and sent them packing to … Continue reading

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Perspective from the King’s Table

If anyone had the right to demand justice and seek vengeance it was this guy. Life had been anything but easy. At the age of 5, not only was his dad killed in battle but because of a tragic accident … Continue reading

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Leaving the Landmarks Alone

Okay, this is one of those musings which, at least with the set of online commentaries available to me, I find no backup or corroboration. Nothing that indicates my apparent observation and possible application are at least within some a … Continue reading

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“Finally,” says Paul, for the second time in this letter to the Philippians. He got side-tracked a bit after his first “finally” (3:1). But now he’s gonna wrap up this short letter for real. And in the portion I read … Continue reading

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Content? Really?

Been hovering over one of those “shadow” verses. You know, the verse right after the one that everybody knows. Verses like John 3:17 . . . Philippians 1:22 . . . Ephesians 2:10. Verses like 2Corinthians 12:10. For the sake … Continue reading

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What Else Could They Want?

I know I’ve read it a number of times before in my morning readings. The fact has been repeatedly stated in Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua. So, it’s not like it came as a surprise to them when Joshua brings it … Continue reading

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We Dance

If they were kids, says Jesus, they’d be that group of kids that just couldn’t play well with others. No matter the game, if it wasn’t their idea they’d just take their ball and go home. Unless they were “first … Continue reading

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