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Authority and Peace

Authority. That’s the word that caught my attention this morning — I’m guessing, prompted by the Spirit who is the One who illuminates God’s word. And, in kind of a circuitous route, found that authority and peace can be closely … Continue reading

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Simple. Not Easy.

At first I think it’s a gimme. A tap in. An easy shot. A no-brainer. But as I chew on it, while I may think it’s simple, if I’m honest with myself I know that far too often it isn’t … Continue reading

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Focused Faith

If He had the power to stop it (and He did), then He had the power to prevent it from starting in the first place. If He could rebuke the wind and the sea, He could have restrained the wind … Continue reading

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Even the Fringe of His Garment

Mark’s language seems to paint a somewhat frenetic, if not chaotic, situation. People running about “the whole region” at Gennesaret, grabbing up the sickbeds of infirm loved ones and friends, and then rushing to where they anticipated Jesus would be. … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Know. But Jesus Knew.

He had no idea he would be an integral part of the Jesus Come to Earth Tour. That when the “planning committee” was working out the details for the Son of God’s three years of flesh-caped, earthly ministry, they thought … Continue reading

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Fuel for Faithfulness

Perhaps what’s as inspiring about the apostle Paul as anything else is his unwavering sense of call and purpose. Maybe that’s what encounters with the risen Christ on a road to Damascus can do to a guy. Whether it was … Continue reading

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Jesus Cares

His words were few. His situation was evident. His desperation understandable. So there was no need for a lot of explanation on his part. Instead, the leper approached Jesus, fell to his knees and, according to Mark’s account, begged Him … Continue reading

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The Promise and The Power

Confession time: I do lousy at long-distance relationships. I don’t see you, I have a tough time (aka I fail miserably) keeping in touch with you. I envy those who phone, write, and travel in order to maintain relationships with … Continue reading

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Who’s In the Boat

They weren’t rookies when it came to navigating the lake. They knew how bad it could get when the weather turned and the winds came rolling in. They had been there, done that. They had navigated storms before. So when … Continue reading

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Singing Praise to the Power

They are the words of a king. Composed by a royal songwriter, Psalm 21 exalts the LORD. The king has been given his heart’s desire . . . has known rich blessings . . . has been bestowed, by God’s … Continue reading

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