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We’re All Gonna Snooze

I know you have to be careful about mapping every detail of a parable to some reality. That there’s a main point to Jesus’ stories which should be the reader’s primary focus, and that seeing a story behind every point … Continue reading

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Deja Vu All Over Again

His disciples wanted to know when it would happen. They wanted to know what would be the signs. But, if I’m picking up what Jesus has been laying down in Mark 13, He wanted them to be more concerned with … Continue reading

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Keep Your Shirt On

I meet with a buddy on Thursday nights. We met last night. We were both tired. Feeling it physically, feeling it emotionally, and if we’re honest, kinda feeling it spiritually. Weary is the word that kept coming up in the … Continue reading

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Straighten Up and Raise Our Heads

However one might think it plays out, I’m thinking that most believers see hard times as being a sign of the end times. That’s why more than one person has asked me over the past several months, “Do you think … Continue reading

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Interpret the Present Time

Wrapping up Luke 12 this morning. Don’t know that I’ve ever read these past few daily readings with such an awareness of their connectedness (that’s one of the dangers of parsed out, daily readings). But I’m thinking the Spirit has … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Awake

Anticipation. The act of anticipating. Of regarding something as possible and taking action to be prepared. Of looking forward to something in the future with a present readiness. The opposite of anticipation? Being unaware. Unengaged. Not ready. Asleep at the … Continue reading

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Lamps in Hand with Oil in Reserve

There were ten of them. Similar in many ways, but different in one over-arching manner. These ten ladies were all young and they were all pure. Each had indicated they wanted to be part of the wedding processional when the … Continue reading

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