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Me, Me, Me

I get it when we say, “It’s not about me” . . . until it is. David did too. After Nathan the prophet had confronted David exposing his adultery with Bathsheba and his murderous duplicity with her husband, when David’s … Continue reading

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The songwriter recalls that bleak season of life. He sings a lament of the time when the wheels almost totally came off the car (or the chariot, as the case might be). A time of great heaviness, never ending groaning, … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Impurities

There’s nothing like some trial and tribulation to expose the impurities in one’s life. When the silver is put to the fire the dross rises to the surface. When the sand is sifted the debris becomes evident. When the going … Continue reading

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Ready to Forgive

Back online . . . and hopefully, for awhile at least, back in routine. I’ve enjoyed the break. Enjoyed spending focused time with the family of God. Enjoyed a quick road trip south to central Oregon to connect with my … Continue reading

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Owning It

It kind of comes out of nowhere. You’re reading along in 1Chronicles and David’s riding the wave. Military victory after military victory are recorded from chapters 18 through chapters 20. The chronicler recording twice in chapter 18, “And the LORD … Continue reading

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