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The Sign of Sanctification

It wasn’t commanded because God knew that their dust based frame needed regular downtime if it was going to function at maximum efficiency. Though it was founded as an indicator of a work finished and complete, its intent was more … Continue reading

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Strive to Rest

They were in danger of repeating the folly of their fathers. Just as their ancestors had journeyed to the edge of the promised land, yet refused to enter because it didn’t make sense to them to try and take on … Continue reading

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Songless Sabbaths

Psalm 92 is a song for the Sabbath. It’s to be sung when the choir is most aware of its rest. To be sung when the hustle and bustle of the week has subsided and one’s primary duty is to … Continue reading

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Above All . . . Enter My Rest

The instructions were complete. All that Moses needed to know, he knew. Not as simple as following Ikea instructions, but the building plans for the tabernacle were clear. The place where God would meet with Moses . . . the … Continue reading

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