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Gathered to His People

Euphemisms, we use them all the time. Using a word or phrase in place of another word or phrase that makes us uncomfortable. In my corporate life, we often preferred to talk about “downsizing” rather than “job eliminations.” For those … Continue reading

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There Is A Refuge

We sang about heaven yesterday morning. One of the songs, probably not the most theological in nature, was a real toe tapper. In what is normally a non-clapping church, some were even moved to assume the “clappetory” position and make … Continue reading

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Far Better

I’m thinking that, sometimes, the difference between a portion of Scripture being familiar and fantastic is simply your season. Your current life experience creating a filter, or perhaps more aptly a magnifying glass, which takes something you’ve read, memorized, and … Continue reading

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Two Desires

Reaching into the archives this morning and dusting off some thoughts from 2009. Found chewing again on the tension found in Moses’ death helpful as we continue to deal with the reality of sojourning without her. ——- Wrapped up Deuteronomy … Continue reading

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Our Gain

My media world exploded with death over the past couple of days. A Facebook “friend” who lost a husband, a Voice contestant who we followed a few years ago, a nightclub full of people we have no connection with other … Continue reading

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