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Revive Us Again

I’m hoping David did not write Psalm 71 (though I suspect he might have). How come? ‘Cause Psalm 71’s songwriter self-identifies as “old and gray”, and David lived to be only 70 years old (2Sam. 5:4, 1Ki. 2:10-11). So, if … Continue reading

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A Hope That Will Not Disappoint

Honestly, when I prayed my feeble “sinner’s prayer” 45 years ago, what I think I wanted most was peace in my world and some assurance of a better next world. The next world had come in focus as a result … Continue reading

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Hoping Against Hope

He had been promised he would be the father of many nations. But we know the story, Abraham had great difficulty becoming the father of but one child. And yet, as I read Romans 4 this morning, he is called … Continue reading

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Windows in Heaven

Situation? Desperate. Degree of hope? Near zero. Cynicism? Running high. Solution? Windows in heaven. Hovering over a phrase in 2 Kings 7 this morning which I’m taking out of context yet is providing a flood of comfort and confidence. Ben-hadad … Continue reading

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From Cloths to Cloths

Hovering over the last few verses of John 19 this morning, and one word jumps off the page. A word that is commonly heard at this time of year in the re-telling of the birth of a Child. But this … Continue reading

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Walk in That

Don’t know that I have a lot to say this morning. Don’t know that I should if I’m meditating on the quieted soul. After all, the songwriter’s picture of a weaned child isn’t that of a wailing child. A baby … Continue reading

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A Threefold Cord

That they are linked together in Scripture seems clear to me. An inseparable trio. Comprising a threefold cord which is not quickly broken. To have one should be to have the other two. I encountered these three amigos this morning … Continue reading

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Better Things

They were tares. Just weeds. They looked like the same good seed when they were planted with the wheat, but they weren’t wheat. Mixed in, at first, without anyone noticing any difference. But as time passed, and things grew, the … Continue reading

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Hope for the Future

Don’t know exactly the nature of the trouble the songwriter was experiencing which inspired him to pen Psalm 42, but you sense it was trouble with a capital T, and that rhymes with D, and that stands for despair. Relentless, … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Talk It Through

Whatever the songwriter’s experience, it’s crushing him. Physically, emotionally, spiritually–David’s getting hammered. So much so that everything in him wants to grumble, complain, perhaps make excuses, maybe even get into the blame game with heaven. So, aware of this propensity … Continue reading

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