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“One Thing” People

Mary was one. While there was a ton of stuff to do to get things ready for hosting Jesus & Company at her and her sister’s place, she sat at the Savior’s feet. Martha was anxious and troubled about many … Continue reading

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An Agapao Spectrum

Hovering over Paul’s final words to Timothy this morning. Thinking about this man who knew his “departure” was at hand–ready to be loosed from his earthly moorings and to set sail. Reflecting on what it was for him to have … Continue reading

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The Lord is a Warrior

I just don’t know that you’re going to find it in a list of the names of Jehovah. Can’t ever recall seeing it among His attributes or included as part of a role of descriptors Scripture uses of His nature. … Continue reading

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Investing in a CRA (Caleb Retirement Account)

So what if they were giants? They were on his land! Time for them to go. And who’s gonna make them go? He would. Caleb, the eighty-five year old son of Jephunneh, was ready to take it to them. Unlike … Continue reading

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