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A Heart That is Whole Toward Him

Wholly true but not wholly blameless. That’s what I’m picking up from what’s being laid down through King Asa’s story (2 Chronicles 14-16). Faithful at first, foolish at the finish. Adoring God in the early years, angry with God in … Continue reading

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Faithful to the End

I didn’t catch a lot of the Olympics when it aired a few weeks ago, but I managed to watch a bit. Maybe that’s why a familiar image from the track came to mind this morning as I was reading. … Continue reading

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Old and Heavy

It’s probably not fair to compare Eli with Paul. But that’s what I did as I read this morning in 1Samuel. During our Sunday morning preaching series we’re working our way through 2Timothy. Running, as it were, with Paul on … Continue reading

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Uncle J.

There’s no way that the life of Joash, the kid king, isn’t a warning for those who have ears to hear. That his life isn’t a shot across the bow that clearly illustrates Paul’s cautionary charge to the Corinthians, “Do … Continue reading

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Faith Supplements

Peter calls it confirming your call and election. Being eager to prove that it’s the real thing in our lives. That our salvation is sure. That the new man, the new woman, is really, in fact, new. That the power … Continue reading

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Beware Even of Spiritual Success

I’m chewing on King Hezekiah’s story in 2Chronicles this morning (ch. 29 – 32). He had a good run. Twenty-nine years on the throne and a lot to show for it. He oversaw a deep cleanse of the temple. He … Continue reading

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A Chilling Epitaph

I read the words and what immediately came to mind was, “What a horrible epitaph.” I don’t think much of what might end up written in memory of me. Not really motivated by leaving a legacy. More concerned with just … Continue reading

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A Lifelong Relier

Asa saw it as a boy during his dad’s reign as king of Judah. Their army of 400,000 up against the northern king’s army of 800,000 was out numbered 2 to 1, and yet they were victorious. How come? The … Continue reading

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It Could Happen To Me

Honestly, I read the words on the page and it strikes a certain fear in me. If it could happen to him, why couldn’t it happen to me? It’s not like the pressures of getting by day-to-day were causing him … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing (a 2013 rerun)

Reading in 2Chronicles again this morning.  Hovering over the account of King Asa’s reign and thinking again of how easy it seems to be for those who start well to not finish so well.  That seeking the LORD now doesn’t … Continue reading

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