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Face to the Wall

The news was devastating. “Set your house in order, for you shall die; you shall not recover.” Not what King Hezekiah wanted to hear. Though at the point of death, how he had hoped that the prophet’s visit would have … Continue reading

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A People Watcher

Ask me what Jesus did in the temple and my immediate answer would be that He cleaned house, overturning tables, shutting down commerce, and evicting money changers (Mk. 11:15). Ask me, what else? And if I thought about it long … Continue reading

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I See You

Hovering over the opening section of Matthew 6 this morning. A warning about doing the right stuff for the wrong reasons “as the hypocrites do” — a warning about “practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen … Continue reading

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The Mirrors of the Ministering Women

One commentator calls it a “tantalizing tidbit,” and indeed it is. Don’t think I ever noticed it before. Not surprising since it’s buried in that part of Exodus that repeats the details of the construction of the different objects which … Continue reading

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Come Into the Light

It was kind of a bottom-line thing for John–or rather, for God, who spoke through John by the Holy Spirit. The tell-tale, spiritual indicator as to when the heart of sin, rebellion, and disbelief is at play. Pretty simple to … Continue reading

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The Right Reward

Mission accomplished isn’t always success. Winning the race doesn’t necessarily mean getting the gold medal. Hitting a bullseye may still mean you missed the mark. Getting your reward may not be much of a prize at all if it’s the … Continue reading

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When No One is Looking

It was a one-on-one encounter of the divine kind. It happened at night. It happened when he was alone. And it happened when no one was looking. I imagine there must have been chaos in the camp as Jacob prepared … Continue reading

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A God at Hand

It’s kind of a “give your head a shake” type of word from the LORD. After having indicted the shepherds of Israel for destroying and scattering the sheep of His pasture (Jeremiah 23:1-2), the LORD speaks additional judgment, through Jeremiah, … Continue reading

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The LORD Looks Down

It’s becoming an annual event. That morning when I get to that place in my reading plan which reminds me anew of the connectedness of heaven to earth. When I realize afresh that my “private life” is anything but private, … Continue reading

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