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Come Into the Light

It was kind of a bottom-line thing for John–or rather, for God, who spoke through John by the Holy Spirit. The tell-tale, spiritual indicator as to when the heart of sin, rebellion, and disbelief is at play. Pretty simple to … Continue reading

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Fully Known

Opening up 1Corinthians 13 usually evokes two streams of consciousness. The first encompasses Paul’s inspired definition of love, and thus of the Savior. For if love is patient, kind, without envy nor boast, and not arrogant or rude. If it … Continue reading

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Jesus Aware

I suppose He might have seen the look on the faces of those who were offended and guessed what thoughts were running through their heads. Or perhaps during the woman’s display of extravagant worship He could have overhead the grumbling … Continue reading

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The Ponderer

It’s truth given as a warning, but being received this morning as a comfort. It is a reminder of the nature of the God of heaven which has profound implications for life on earth. That God possesses a divine knowledge. … Continue reading

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He Hears In Heaven!

Lot of praying going on. Talking to the Lord every day about what’s going on in our lives. Interceding for babies to be born healthy. Asking for wisdom in matters of direction for the body of Christ. Petitioning on behalf … Continue reading

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Lord, You Know Everything

After what had been a frustrating night, the morning was turning out to be perfect. They had gone fishing and had caught nothing all night. But then, as day was breaking, a Man on the shore tells them to cast … Continue reading

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