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Mindful of God

It was overdone, over merchandised, and, eventually, over trivialized. Four letters that seemed to be everywhere in cool Christian culture, but eventually faded away. Some of us may still have the wristbands, but not many of us are still wearing … Continue reading

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The Context of Faith

A telescope is a telescope. But depending on which end you hold up to your eye, it provides a very different view of the world. In order for a telescope to do what a telescope was made to do, you … Continue reading

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What God Has Actually Said

Brilliant, really. How does a beast of the field take on the God of heaven? How does a serpent go head to head with the Sovereign? Sow some confusion, mix in a bit of doubt, and let the sensual nature … Continue reading

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A Whole Heart and A Single Mind

They were his men. Many of them joined with him at the lowest of times and they stayed with him through the toughest of times. Others came to him as they discerned the working of God concerning the throne of … Continue reading

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Where Are the Tears?

Ok . . . so this makes me really uncomfortable. The Word of God can do that to you. Honestly, I prefer things jumping off the page that I think I understand . . . or think I have a … Continue reading

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No Middle Ground

It seems there was no middle ground. Though there’s no doubt as to the purity of Peter’s motive, he was, nevertheless, staking his flag on enemy territory. Even though what Jesus said was so out there, it seems that if … Continue reading

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