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The Yoked-to-Provoked Connection

Hovering over Psalm 106 this morning and a well known quote comes to mind from Ralph Waldo Emerson (technically, a well known quote comes to mind and I have to Google it to find it was by Emerson). “Sow a … Continue reading

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Grace Abounded All the More

Honestly, for me Deuteronomy 29 through 31 has to be one of the most depressing and troublesome parts of Scripture. On the outskirts of the promised land. A new leader in place. A new rallying cry to gather unto: “Be … Continue reading

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What God Has Actually Said

Brilliant, really. How does a beast of the field take on the God of heaven? How does a serpent go head to head with the Sovereign? Sow some confusion, mix in a bit of doubt, and let the sensual nature … Continue reading

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The Consequence of Compromise

It starts out as a trickle but quickly grows to a tsunami. At first it seems a minor exception due to some “chariots of iron” but it soon becomes a major defeat as a result of a lack of conviction. … Continue reading

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