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The Lord Is Near

Just got off the phone with my daughter who’s driving home from Los Angeles. Asked her where she was. She didn’t know. Knew she was on I-5. Knew she was heading north. But where exactly she was? Not really sure. … Continue reading

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All Our Times Are In His Hands

Whatever the circumstances that prompted David to write Psalm 31, it’s pretty clear he was feeling kind of hammered. In need of speedy rescue, he cries out to his Rock and His Fortress. The affliction received at his enemy’s hand … Continue reading

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When God Watched Over Me

You wonder if Job’s just getting tired. Apart from the chronic pain sapping his strength, there’s the incessant drip of his miserable comforters telling him to ‘fess up and admit that what he’s going through must be because of the … Continue reading

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A King’s Prayer

Reading about King Jehoshaphat this morning in 2Chronicles. This guy intrigues me. Talk about a leader who was firing on 7 out of 8 cylinders. Walked in the ways of David, rejected the ways of the Baals, obeyed the LORD … Continue reading

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Heaven’s Shelter and Shepherd

Hovering over the latter part of Revelation 7 this morning. What an awesome sight John beholds. A great multitude. Literally beyond numbering. A diverse gathering. From every nation. Representatives from all tribes and peoples and languages. Diverse, yet all wearing … Continue reading

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A Shepherd

Thirteen times. That’s how many times the LORD God refers to His people as “My sheep” in Ezekiel 34. And it kind of grabbed my attention. Ezekiel is called to prophecy against the shepherds of Israel. He is given words … Continue reading

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The Hedge

Job wants out. “I give,” he cries. Life, or what’s left of it, is just too hard. Everything he worked for, his herds and flocks, were gone. Everything he sacrificed for, his children, gone too. Everything he drew on to … Continue reading

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