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My Good or His Glory? Yes!

Psalm 83 tickled my “taste buds” this morning. First time, as near as I can remember or tell from my journal, that I’ve paused to reflect on this psalm. Not surprised that I’ve never paused here before. It doesn’t really … Continue reading

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What He Has Purposed

Honestly, I can’t imagine what Jerusalem looked like after the Babylonians had ransacked her. After they had entered her and burned down “every great house,” including “the house of the LORD” (Jer. 52:13). After they broke in pieces the massive … Continue reading

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A Lion

Again, it’s repetition in Jeremiah that’s caused me to pause and reflect this morning. Something said of God’s judgment of Babylon in this morning’s reading that was also declared concerning His judgment of Edom in yesterday’s reading. And it’s got … Continue reading

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No Line for Me

In San Diego for ten days hanging out with my newest grandson born March 14. Doesn’t get much better. Walked off the plane on Tuesday, got into the car with my daughter, son-in-law, and their TWO boys and off we … Continue reading

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What They Deserve

Seems to me there’s a number of ways to read Revelation. One way is to read it with curiosity. To take an investigative approach as one looks for clues concerning the end times and tries to match them with current … Continue reading

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Making God Angry

In a conversation with a friend earlier this week, he reminded me that we tend to classify sin. All sin is bad, sure. But some sin, based on the response of many, is REALLY bad . . . way worse … Continue reading

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