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We Rest to Remember

It’s coming up on a year since I was last challenged afresh about my attitude towards the Sabbath. (I’m not talking so much about any specific day, but about the principle of one day out of every seven days which … Continue reading

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Stir It Up!

They’re the only two times this particular Greek word is found in the Bible, yet I think it applies to all of Scriptures. It’s Peter’s specific reason for writing his letters but I’d make the case that, when all is … Continue reading

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Remember to Extol His Work!

I’ve done enough reading to be okay with the fact that I don’t know quite how to peg Elihu, commentators varying among themselves as to how to understand his intervention in the book of Job. Elihu, the young, upstart peanut-gallery, … Continue reading

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Great Things, Wondrous Works, Awesome Deeds

Doing devo’s at SeaTac airport this morning as I wait to get on a plane bound for Maui. Heading there the day before what would have been Sue’s 60th birthday. Coming back the day after what would have been our … Continue reading

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Mercy and Memory

Maybe you can understand it. Perhaps there’s a way to make sense of a guy who fails to forgive the debt of someone who owes him a day’s wages even though he had been forgiven a debt it would have … Continue reading

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Abide Always in the Shadow of the Cross

The message of Asaph’s parable seems clear: if we will not remember, then we are bound to rebel. If we will not reflect often on our history, inevitably we will revert back to our folly. To fail to focus continually … Continue reading

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