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Grace Will Reign

“Death through Adam and Life through Christ”, that’s the heading in my bible for the latter part of Romans 5. The contrasting impacts between the first man’s disobedience and the God-Man’s obedience. The first providing sin the opportunity to infect … Continue reading

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A Sanctuary (A 2018 Rerun)

Been a weird week. Been a struggle just to feed on the word in the morning much less try and share a meal. But this morning it’s still quiet and I’m reading in Ezekiel. Captured afresh by the thought of … Continue reading

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No Dominion

No way! Absolutely not! Uh, uh! Nope! That’s how Paul responds to the question. Kinda. If grace is so great, if grace abounded where sin increased (Rom. 5:20), then should we continue in sin that grace may abound (Rom. 6:1)? … Continue reading

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