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Living In the End Times

Heard it again this weekend from someone. Something to the effect that we need to be studying the end times right now ’cause we’re in the end times and need to be prepared for the end times. Maybe that’s why … Continue reading

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Don’t Get It . . . But Get It

In one sense, I just I don’t get it. But in another sense, I do — and that scares me. This morning, I read of the rebellion of Korah in Numbers 16 and I couldn’t help but whisper to myself, … Continue reading

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The Downside of Flannel Graph and CGI

Not gonna lie, I’m kind of hooked on Marvel movies. Not that I run to a movie theater whenever a new film is released, or that I watch them all the time, but I have been a bit driven to … Continue reading

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Beware the Rabble

I have before hovered over Numbers 11 wondering how a people literally fed by the hand of God could complain about the food they were given. “Nothing but manna?” That was their complaint. These earthly people had grown tired of … Continue reading

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He Heard

What were they thinking? Hadn’t they just walked out of Egypt loaded down with Egyptian plunder? Hadn’t they just walked on dry ground through walls of water that once were the impassible Red Sea? Hadn’t they witnessed those same waters … Continue reading

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Complaining in the Cloud

It must have been quite some sight to see the 600,000 plus men, along with their wives and children, break camp and set out from Sinai (Num.10). To see the horde of the redeemed marching away from the world of … Continue reading

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How Will God Set the Table?

Easy to forget . . . especially when times are tough. And in that forgetfulness, while walking in the wilderness, maybe a propensity to question whether the God who once was able to deliver, is still able to continue to … Continue reading

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Divine Permission

I think I get the point of Jesus’ story in the first 16 verses of Matthew 20. Those who had received a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s labor really shouldn’t have had any gripe with the master of … Continue reading

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Nothing But Manna?

It’s pretty incredible but way too relatable. It caught my attention, caused me to give my head a shake, but then realize that I’m looking into a mirror. They are the people of God, delivered from Egypt. And there’s no … Continue reading

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