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Letting in Idols

They came to Ezekiel because he was a prophet of God. And they came because they were the elders of Israel. They were to lead and so they came to listen. But rather than being provided with some insight, the … Continue reading

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Iniquity and Solemn Assembly

Maybe it jumps off the page because you’re not expecting for God to say in the Bible, “I can’t do something.” The tendency, rightly so I think, is to equate all-powerful God with can-do-anything God. To interpret “with God all … Continue reading

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A Warning In An Unexpected Place

The verse pops off the page for two reasons. First, I recognize the verse . . . it’s familiar . . . I remember it. Second, but not from here. If you quoted the verse to me and asked where … Continue reading

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An Angry Look

It didn’t take long before the religious leaders sought to make every encounter with the upstart Teacher from Nazareth a showdown. Kind of goofy, really. While they struggled with some of His teaching, particularly with His teaching concerning Himself, what … Continue reading

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