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Worth Everything

We can’t help but place ourselves in the story. After all, isn’t that what good biblical application is all about? So, as I hover over Esther 5 this morning, where do I show up? I’m certainly not the king. Don’t … Continue reading

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A Magnifier Against God

Reminded this morning that the OT prophets weren’t sent just to warn unfaithful Israel of wrath to come but some of their ungodly neighbors as well. While these weren’t nations in rebellion to an irrevocable covenant spoken by a holy … Continue reading

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Knowledge Needs Love

What I know apart from Who I know won’t get me very far in the kingdom. That’s what I’m picking up from what Paul’s laying down this morning. Knowledge needs love. Now concerning food offered to idols: we know that … Continue reading

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He Should Have Gone Home

He didn’t go home. Said he was. Said he was done trying to frustrate the purposes of God. Said he would no longer try and curse what God had determined to bless. Said that the money which had enticed him … Continue reading

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Don’t Get It . . . But Get It

In one sense, I just I don’t get it. But in another sense, I do — and that scares me. This morning, I read of the rebellion of Korah in Numbers 16 and I couldn’t help but whisper to myself, … Continue reading

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Do As They Say, Not As They Do

They sat on Moses’ seat, but were not of Moses’ style. They had his chair but not his character. His rank as interpreters of the law, but not his reality as keepers of the law. They were the scribes and … Continue reading

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Anxiety Pride

Ask most of us what the opposite of humility is and we’d come up with pride. Ask us how pride manifests itself and the things that probably come to mind are: boasting; self exaltation; arrogance; thinking of myself more highly … Continue reading

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Beware Even of Spiritual Success

I’m chewing on King Hezekiah’s story in 2Chronicles this morning (ch. 29 – 32). He had a good run. Twenty-nine years on the throne and a lot to show for it. He oversaw a deep cleanse of the temple. He … Continue reading

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From Super Power to Separated House

Chewing on King Uzziah’s story this morning in 2 Chronicles 26. Sixteen years old when he took the throne. Fifty-two years at the top of the food chain. Started well. Ended . . . well, not so well. Taking note, … Continue reading

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Not Enough Room in the Mirror

This morning I saw the effects of “the pride of Moab” played out in the elite of Jerusalem. Jeremiah 48 records the words of the LORD as they concern the people of Moab. Not very good words. Words of judgment. … Continue reading

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