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A Homeland, A Country, A City

Some mornings it’s like eating the biggest steak with all the trimmings and then gorging yourself on the richest of desserts. You sit back and you are full — like really, really full. That’s this morning as I feasted on … Continue reading

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Somebody Wasn’t Praying!

I don’t know if the people who put together my reading plan did it on purpose, but to have both 2 Kings 24-25 and Psalm 122 on the same day, to read them back to back, is to say the … Continue reading

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Ask and Seek

The songwriter, apparently, was a “one thing” person. Laser focused. Knew what he wanted above everything else. And this morning, as I hover this one thing, I think I’m seeing two things which are vital towards achieving the goal. Ask … Continue reading

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