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Good Lives Matter

As followers of Christ we all want to do the will of God. The hard part often is knowing what His will is. To be sure, there are clear commands to obey in Scripture, “thus saith the Lord” types of … Continue reading

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Be Holy

I don’t how many times I’ve read this passage, but this morning it struck me as an odd thing to say. Perhaps the last thing I’d think of saying, given the situation. Yet, among the first things God would say. … Continue reading

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Let Grace Reign

Finishing up in Romans 5 this morning. Contrasting the sin and death brought into the world by Adam’s transgression with the justification and life made available through Jesus Christ our Lord and His finished work on the cross. The disastrous … Continue reading

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Ponder the Way

It’s a sanctification song. A song that aspires to holiness. David’s desire for personal holiness. And, David’s determination to do everything he can do to promote holiness within his kingdom. It’s a song born of a longing to model steadfast … Continue reading

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This Is the Will of God

There’s a lot of things we don’t know up front when it comes to the will of God. A ton of details we are left to humbly try and discern as it pertains to the call He has put on … Continue reading

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The Highway of Holiness

It’s a prophecy concerning them, but it has been preserved for us. Depending on how you interpret it, it’s either been fulfilled or will be fulfilled . . . or, perhaps, was partially fulfilled and is yet to be fully … Continue reading

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Unholy Alliances

He might have loved her, but he couldn’t live with her. He married her, but he wouldn’t move in with her. He gave her his heart, but she couldn’t share his home. Because, though she was his honey, she wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Splendor of Holiness

I’ve referred to it as “the hidden psalm” in the past. There’s a few of these songs tucked within the pages of Scripture outside of the Bible’s main hymnal, the Psalter. But this one, I think, always surprises me the … Continue reading

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The New Selfie

I don’t know why we still call them phones. For most of us, that little (or, in more and more cases, not so little) device we carry with us 24/7 is probably used the least as a phone. It connects … Continue reading

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