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Clothes Make the Man

According to a blog I came across, its origins go back to the 1500’s. Apparently a theologian, Catholic priest was the first to note, “vestis virum facit” meaning “clothes make the man.” Mark Twain would expand on it some 400 … Continue reading

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Carried on the Shoulder

I tried Googling it. That’s not really serious research, but it’s worth a shot when you don’t think you can do the math yourself. The math in question? How much did the tabernacle in the wilderness weigh? The whole thing? … Continue reading

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Give and Take

I’ve never done a study on it, but I often think there’s gotta be a link intended between the tribe of Levi and the bride of Christ. That the Levites of the Old Testament foreshadow something of what is to … Continue reading

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An Inheritance that Lasts

Most of the conquering’s been done. Big chunks of land have already been deeded to the larger tribes. Time to divvy out the rest of the promised land. And I wonder what it was like for the leaders of the … Continue reading

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The Freedom of Identity

It was the last thing they expected. In a journey of many unexpected turns, they didn’t see this turn coming. In three years of seeing innumerable signs and wonders performed, they could never have conceived witnessing this. With every paradigm … Continue reading

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It’s A Gift

Help Wanted: Men to work in a top secret environment where others are not permitted. To labor on ground of such purity, and enveloped in such power, that a misstep could be your last step. Job has relatively little variety. … Continue reading

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Clothes Really Do Make the Man (or Woman)

Apparently it comes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But,while it’s old, if you don’t hear it a lot these days, you certainly see it. That “the apparel oft proclaims the man” is still very much in play. In fact, that “clothes make … Continue reading

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A Rule Breaker

OK . . . someone might need to check my thinking this morning. If I’m heading down some erroneous rabbit trail, let me know. But for some reason, as I’m reading the opening chapters of 1Samuel, I end up fixated … Continue reading

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What Else Could They Want?

I know I’ve read it a number of times before in my morning readings. The fact has been repeatedly stated in Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua. So, it’s not like it came as a surprise to them when Joshua brings it … Continue reading

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Like Living Stones

That God is in the midst of a building program is clear in Scripture. He is the architect. He is also the developer, the sub-contractor, and the tradesman. He even supplies all the material. And it’s recycled material. All of … Continue reading

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