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Let’s Be Simplistic

Not to be overly simplistic, but . . . Uh, no. Let’s be simplistic. Knowing God makes all the difference. Hovering over the opening verses of Ezra this morning. And one verse in particular has me thinking this, if every … Continue reading

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Can’t Wait to Get to the End

Just finished reading Job 3. Job’s delivered up the first volley in what will be a long back-and-forth match — him against his so-called comforters. A match which for millennia has been replayed over and over as many who have … Continue reading

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Jesus Really is the Answer!

It’s Sunday School humor 101. “What’s the answer to every question asked in the little kids class?” “Jesus!” Then we chuckle to ourselves, “Ha, ha! How cute!” Uh, no. Actually, pretty profound. An “out of the mouth of babes” thing. … Continue reading

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Standing Firm in Simple Truth

Hovering over the familiar this morning. Chewing on stuff that’s been chewed on before. Sometimes you just need to pause and reaffirm that which has been reaffirmed again and again. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we … Continue reading

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