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Moving Beyond Picture Books (2012 Rerun)

Dull of hearing. Unskilled in the word. Should be meat-eaters, instead only able to digest milk. It’s what I think was at the heart of the problem that the writer to the Hebrews addresses. They were tempted to fall away … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of God in Our Hands

If there’s anything the Spirit wants us to know about Ezra, it’s that he was a man of the Word, as in “God’s word”. Sure, when he’s introduced in Ezra 7 the first thing mentioned is that he was the … Continue reading

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Jesus Really is the Answer!

It’s Sunday School humor 101. “What’s the answer to every question asked in the little kids class?” “Jesus!” Then we chuckle to ourselves, “Ha, ha! How cute!” Uh, no. Actually, pretty profound. An “out of the mouth of babes” thing. … Continue reading

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Belief and Behavior

Been reading a book on asking the right questions when it comes to thinking through how to be intentional in leading people in the church towards following Christ. It’s what we’re commissioned to do, “Go and make disciples” (Matt 28:19-20). … Continue reading

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The Bereans

In the circles I traveled as a young believer they were lifted up as the gold standard for sermon follow-up. Though their time in Scripture’s spotlight was pretty brief, they’ve had a long lasting impact when it comes to being … Continue reading

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Action Required

It’s a lie. It’s made to sound like reasonable thinking, but it isn’t. Some people just don’t learn by reading, they say. Some people just aren’t academics, they say. Getting into the Bible just isn’t everybody’s thing–and that’s ok, they … Continue reading

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