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Aaron Shall Bear

Reading in Exodus this morning. And what catches my attention, and imagination, is a phrase repeated 4 times in the instructions concerning the priest’s garments. The uniform to be worn by Aaron was, to say the least, pretty elaborate. And, … Continue reading

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The Man Standing in the Breach (A 2014 Rerun)

Hovering over what has come to be for me one of the most inspiring, prophetic utterances of the LORD God in all of Ezekiel’s writings. Here’s some thoughts from six years ago which try to express the wonder, awe, and … Continue reading

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The One Who Serves

I’ll take lesser known names of Christ for 500, Alex. Ok. The answer is: The title Jesus took for Himself as a means of contrasting greatness in His kingdom vs. greatness in the kingdoms of the world. Um . . … Continue reading

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Did I just see Jesus? Was He foreshadowed in a no-name, non-descript woman whose name pointed to her father’s joy? A lady who rises up seemingly out of nowhere to redeem an entire household? A gal identified with a worthless … Continue reading

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On Our Behalf

Except for those few hours on the cross when He was forsaken–and that in a manner which I do not fully comprehend–the Son has ever been with the Father. Since before the foundation of the earth the Son has been … Continue reading

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An Arbiter

Somebody’s not playing fair! So reasons Job, it would seem. Though Job never heard the exact words the Almighty spoke repeatedly to Satan, Job knew his own determination to be marked as a man who was blameless, upright, feared God, … Continue reading

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