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When God Watched Over Me

You wonder if Job’s just getting tired. Apart from the chronic pain sapping his strength, there’s the incessant drip of his miserable comforters telling him to ‘fess up and admit that what he’s going through must be because of the … Continue reading

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On Our Side

It’s another song of David. And though we don’t know the exact circumstance behind this song’s “inspiration,” we do know the outcome–they escaped. Israel dodged the bullet. The people of God were able to slip away left while their enemies … Continue reading

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Swallowed Up by Life

Said it before, will say it again. Sometimes the best way to deal with the here and now is to pause and refocus on the there and then. Paul did. Reading in 2Corinthians 4 this morning and Paul’s “afflicted in … Continue reading

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The Difference Adoption Makes

From time to time there’s the temptation to fall back. To do what you’ve stopped doing. To respond the way you used to respond. To go where you no longer want to go. Any number of things might trigger it, … Continue reading

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The Hedge

Job wants out. “I give,” he cries. Life, or what’s left of it, is just too hard. Everything he worked for, his herds and flocks, were gone. Everything he sacrificed for, his children, gone too. Everything he drew on to … Continue reading

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If I Knew . . . I Still Would

Kind of interesting how observations from two completely unrelated passages can come together to get the mind churning. Something I read this morning from a preacher and then a reminder concerning a prophet came together and started me thinking. Noodling … Continue reading

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The Ponderer

It’s truth given as a warning, but being received this morning as a comfort. It is a reminder of the nature of the God of heaven which has profound implications for life on earth. That God possesses a divine knowledge. … Continue reading

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