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There Is A River

It’s been 23 years since I was there, but I don’t recall seeing any water in the city. Had the opportunity to do a Holy Land tour back in ’97. Went to Jerusalem. Didn’t see a river. So what’s the … Continue reading

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The Difference the Joy of the Lord Makes

Hovering over the first few verses of 2Corinthians 8 this morning and thinking about an intriguing dynamic and the difference the joy of the Lord can make. We want you to know, brothers, about the grace of God that has … Continue reading

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The Morning

Don’t know exactly how sick David was, but it must have been pretty bad–his enemies were getting ready to throw a party. What they had been unable to do with blatant force, it now appeared would happen because of a … Continue reading

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The Joy of the LORD

It’s not like they didn’t have just cause to mourn. Not like there was no good reason to grieve. In fact, under any other circumstance, their tears would have been the appropriate response to what they had just heard preached. … Continue reading

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Seeking Jesus

Matthew writes that the women went “to see the tomb” but the angel knew they were actually on a mission. They didn’t rise up before dawn wanting just to behold the rock in front of the tomb. Rather, according to … Continue reading

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The “problem” with a favorite passage of Scripture might be the tendency to read again what you already know is in the passage rather than take of note of that which is perhaps over-shadowed by the familiar. Case in point, … Continue reading

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Wells of Salvation

Isaiah foresaw a day when the Lord God would “extend His hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that remains of His people” (Isa. 11:11). A day when those who had largely missed the first coming of Messiah … Continue reading

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If Only On the Inside

This morning I’m re-working some thoughts from 2012¬†after reading Psalm 149 . . . I was saved into a pretty conservative, pretty low key, church system. While the praise was very heartfelt, it was also very bodily still. Voices were … Continue reading

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