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Abide in My Love

Said to them, but written for us. They were the actual recipients of Jesus’ words, but what was true concerning the disciples is also true of us. And it’s the stuff that makes for a full meal. And yet, it’s … Continue reading

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Friended.  It’s a word . . . at least in the Urban dictionary. As in a verb “to friend.” As in, “Hey dude, friended you last night on Facebook. Did you see it?” Crazy. For years I’ve thought that Facebook … Continue reading

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Me Keeping, He Keeping

It’s a joint responsibility between me and God. It involves my pursuit but stands upon His promise. I make every effort because of great anticipation, He commits His active agency to ensure a great consummation. Mine is to pursue eternal … Continue reading

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A People of Refuge

When I read in the morning I’m on the lookout for a number of themes, each associated with a specific way I’ll mark my Bible. This morning it’s something I shaded in red that has me thinking–the color I use … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

Re-working and re-running some thoughts from 2010 . . . Some are fascinated by powerful displays of the Holy Spirit, I’m probably more intrigued by imperceptible directions. Some look for the signs and wonders, I’m trying to get better at … Continue reading

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Who Gets Invited to Dinner?

The songwriter opens his lyric with a question. Actually, with two questions. I think I’ve said it here before, but it’s true that good questions can open the door to important insights. Good questions, pursued thoughtfully and truthfully, have a … Continue reading

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True Disciples

Jesus looked at these new “believers” and determined to test their belief. They were yet to fully realize their deep, deep need to be born again, much less how that would be accomplished. They were yet to bear with Jesus … Continue reading

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