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Knowing and Understanding God

Maybe I watch too many court room dramas, but as I’m reading in Jeremiah this morning I’m envisioning an unrelenting prosecutor with a seemingly unending closing argument. The indictment against Judah is based on a mountain of evidence. Accused of … Continue reading

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Receive Mercy, Find Grace

I frequent it on a regular basis. Yet, for the last several years, there’s also been an annual trek to this place. Six years ago events transpired in August that were life changing, and, five-and-a-half years later, would be life … Continue reading

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God’s Glory Trailer

I’m not really much of a movie buff. You won’t find me going to a theater very often. But one thing I think I have noticed is that movie trailers seem to have become bigger and bigger deals of late. … Continue reading

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The LORD Who Has Compassion

Compassion captured my attention this morning. Not so much acts of compassion but the word compassion and the promise of compassion and the God of compassion. I’m continuing to read in that portion of Isaiah which has moved beyond Israel’s … Continue reading

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