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He Loves the Place!

It’s not that it’s unfamiliar to me, but this morning it struck me as unusual. After all, the LORD loves people not places, doesn’t He? His affection is sourced in grace not geography, isn’t it? So how come the LORD … Continue reading

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Highways of the Heart

Don’t really need my Google Maps these days. No need to bring up my WAVES app to find the quickest route to where I wanna go. ‘Cause not going much of anywhere. And anywhere I go, it’s a well worn … Continue reading

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All My Springs Are in You

I guess singing about a city isn’t all that unusual. After all, for some, Chicago is “my kind of town”. For others, they left their heart in San Francisco. And somewhere, some really, really bad weatherman wrote that the bluest … Continue reading

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The Valley of Baca

Around this time 5 years ago, Psalm 84 showed up on my reading plan. It was a little over 8 months since Sue’s tumor had surfaced and the multiple brain surgeries had been performed. The intense radiation was over and … Continue reading

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City Dwellers

God didn’t choose to dwell there because it was a special place. It became a special place because the Almighty purposed that His presence should reside there. Possessing no intrinsic righteousness itself, it was transformed into a holy mount when … Continue reading

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A Heavenly Birth Certificate

It’s kind of a cryptic song. For me it’s a little hard to completely piece together. But I do know it’s a song about Zion. The city on the holy mount founded by God Himself to be the place where … Continue reading

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Divine Location Services

It’s taken me awhile to get used to my phone (don’t know why I still call this mini computer in my pocket a phone) continually wanting to know where I am. It seems that almost every app asks me, “Enable … Continue reading

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