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A Good Thing

Yesterday, I heard of man who doesn’t like singing. Says he’s a believer, but doesn’t like singing . . . not his own, not others. Apparently he’ll listen to instrumental music, but doesn’t listen to, or like being around, melody … Continue reading

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Befitting and Beautiful

Honestly, I don’t get songless saints. I can’t enter into the mindset of believers who, when gathered with God’s people to worship, look bored. Whose lips don’t move. Whose eyes are glassed over. Who’d rather talk to the person next … Continue reading

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Seeker Friendly

I guess I don’t normally think of God as a seeker. Maybe that’s because I think of seekers as needing something and I don’t think of God as in need of anything. But while God has no need of anything, … Continue reading

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City Dwellers

God didn’t choose to dwell there because it was a special place. It became a special place because the Almighty purposed that His presence should reside there. Possessing no intrinsic righteousness itself, it was transformed into a holy mount when … Continue reading

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Gathering With the Congregation

If Jesus looked forward to it, shouldn’t we? If, even before He actually experienced the blood-sweating, pain-producing, shame-bearing reality of the cross, Messiah anticipated that after His victory over sin and death He’d want to sing about it, then shouldn’t … Continue reading

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