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Speaking Directly to God

Really, he wasn’t asking for a lot. He wasn’t pleading for things to somehow go back to the way they were. Wasn’t demanding to have his wealth or health back. Wasn’t seeking a Lazarus type of miracle that his family … Continue reading

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Sometimes, when the going gets tough, it’s tough to get going. Pressure mounts and paralysis sets in. What began with enthusiasm, becomes a constant source of exhaustion. The prize once set before you, now seems beyond your grasp and you … Continue reading

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A King’s Prayer

Reading about King Jehoshaphat this morning in 2Chronicles. This guy intrigues me. Talk about a leader who was firing on 7 out of 8 cylinders. Walked in the ways of David, rejected the ways of the Baals, obeyed the LORD … Continue reading

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He Looks Down

I read something this morning that was written specifically for me. Penned centuries and centuries before, the author, as well as the Divine Author, had me in mind. And so, as I chew on it this morning, I’m savoring the … Continue reading

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A Gladdened Soul

There’s praise amidst the problems. Worship despite the worry. Thanksgiving even among the threat. That’s the overall sense I get as I noodle on Psalm 86 this morning. It’s a song of David. A “poor and needy” David as a … Continue reading

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Taking Off My Shoes

Reading King Hezekiah’s story in Isaiah this morning. Most notable about this king? He received an extension . . . an extension on his life. Knowing that his days on earth were drawing to a close (because God had told … Continue reading

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The Cry from the Battlefield

True or false . . . Working through the opening chapters of 1Chronicles can be kind of tough going? True. Really true! True or false again . . . the opening chapters of 1Chronicles are God-breathed, “profitable for teaching, for … Continue reading

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Prayer, Praise, Practice, and Peace

Continuing to hover over Paul’s exhortation to the Philippians in the first part of chapter four. He’s writing to faithful believers who have faithfully supported him. He’s writing to fearful believers who are worried about Paul and the implications of … Continue reading

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He Hears In Heaven!

Lot of praying going on. Talking to the Lord every day about what’s going on in our lives. Interceding for babies to be born healthy. Asking for wisdom in matters of direction for the body of Christ. Petitioning on behalf … Continue reading

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Praying Our Heads Above Water

If there was ever a song written in the minor key it would have to be Psalm 38. Not much to cheer the soul here. What’s entitled as a song for “the memorial offering” recants the nearly crushed soul of … Continue reading

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