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The Stability of Our Times

Yesterday, as I read in Isaiah, the gem found along what often feels to be the seer’s wandering, disorienting prophetic path, was a principle. This morning, the gem encountered is a preview. The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on … Continue reading

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A Pleasing Theme

That it is a Messianic psalm is without question. Hebrews 1:8-9 clearly declares that Psalm 45:6-7 refers to God’s Son, the One by whom God has spoken to us in these last days, the One who is “the radiance of … Continue reading

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No King but Jesus

When all was said and done, it came down to who was king. There was a lot about Jesus that Pilate didn’t get. A king over a kingdom not of this world? Huh? Fulfilling a destiny to bear witness to … Continue reading

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With a Whole Heart, Of a Single Mind

1Chronicles 12 reminds me that David started accumulating a following of mighty men long before he became king. That many chose to faithfully serve under the promised heir of the throne even while there were those who tried to prevent … Continue reading

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Are You “With Me”?

I’ll take lesser known Old Testament characters for 1000, Alex. This “career exile”, an exile of Gath, chose exile again, this time from Jerusalem, because of his loyalty to a king. Who is Ittai the Gittite? Correct! He didn’t have … Continue reading

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Israel’s Real First King?

Realized for the first time ever that, at least technically, Saul wasn’t the first king of Israel. It was a guy named Abimelech. And all the leaders of Shechem came together, and all Beth-millo, and they went and made Abimelech … Continue reading

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A Drama in the Desert

A dry and weary land where there is no water. The soul thirsting. The flesh fainting. The weary wilderness wanderer earnestly seeking. Part of the normative landscape for the God-follower? Evidently. That is, if Psalm 63 was written for the … Continue reading

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All His Story

I guess I could start my yearly reading plan in December rather than January. That is if I wanted to be reading the story of Jesus birth in the month when we focus on celebrating His birth. But this morning, … Continue reading

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A King and A Kingdom

Turned the corner and headed down the homestretch of my reading plan this morning. Started in on the minor prophets and Revelation which, along with the rest of Job and the culmination of John’s gospel with the finished work and … Continue reading

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The Cost of Christ as King

Seeing is believing. And many, when they saw Lazarus walk out of the tomb — grave clothes and all, having been buried for four days — “believed in Him” (Jn. 11:45). They believed in Jesus. They believed that this Raiser-From-The-Dead … Continue reading

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